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Civic Leaders is an exclusive local government web-interview series. Each month our host shares a candid look into the challenges and triumphs experienced by passionate public employees that are committed to their calling. Season one was hosted by Springbrook Software, an Accela Company, the show is produced and owned by the VOLSTA Media Network, and syndicated on


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Current Episodes:

Civic Leaders S1E15, Heather Johnston, President, GFOA 1920x1080 VOLSTA Full Steam Ahead - Here we speak with the dynamic, forward-thinking Heather Johnston, who is the incoming President of the Government Finance Officers Association. Continue reading
Civic Leaders S1E14, Jonathan Reichental, CIO, Palo Alto 1920x1080 VOLSTA 2/2 – Change the World - In part two of our talk with Jonathan, we continue the discussion on how he arrived in the Silicon Valley and the strides he's been making in the region. Continue reading
Civic Leaders S1E12, Alex Torpey, Mayor, South Orange 1920x1080 VOLSTA Act Now - The wise, energetic and inspiring Mayor of South Orange, New Jersey who entered office in 2011 at the ripe age of 23. Continue reading
Civic Leaders S1E9, Jonathan Reichental, CIO, Palo Alto 1920x1080 VOLSTA Attracting Top Talent (Part 1 of 2) - Jonathan is the CIO of Palo Alto, CA and in 2013 was selected by Government Technology as a Top 25 Dreamer, Doer and Driver. Continue reading
004 Maurice Cheeks, Alderman, Madison, Wisconsin, Civic Leaders 1920x1080 VOLSTA Tech Inspired - Ex-Apple, now Madison Alderman, Maurice Cheeks tells of how he got involved with local government and what he's excited to see happen locally and beyond. Continue reading
003 Aaron Olsen, Utility Billings, Washington City, Civic Leaders 1920x1080 VOLSTA Enduring Effort - Aaron discusses some of his more notable experiences serving his community and the things he's learned to take with him on the road ahead. Continue reading
002 Mark Grabow, Hatfield Fellow, City of Portland, Civic Leaders 1920x1080 VOLSTA It Takes Heart - A man on a mission. Mark Grabow's unique past has helped create a warm, loving care for others, which he consciously carries with him as a public servant. Continue reading
001 Debbie Smith-Wagar, City of Tigard, Civic Leaders 1920x1080 VOLSTA Committed - Debbie is the Assistant Finance Director for the Award-Winning City of Tigard, Oregon. Continue reading