Industry Expert? Me??? by @ClintBowers of @VOLSTANetwork

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The VOLSTA Mark series exists for industry-leading professionals to share authentic experiences and insights on how they wish to leave their mark in the world. We hope it will help build meaningful connections through mutual interests and goals. To submit your own story, click here.

Industry Expert? Me???

By Clint Bowers
Founder of the VOLSTA Media Network

LinkedIn: /in/clintbowers
Twitter: @ClintBowers

Part One:

This was in early 2014.

The phone was ringing, emails were coming in, and holy cow were the LinkedIn invites piling up.

I honestly wasn’t planning for this result—I actually thought it was pretty weird.

What happened was, in late 2013 I wrote a very brief but sound eBook on an industry segment that I no longer work in.

I thought it would make money, selling lots and lots.

That didn’t happen.

Its existence though, ended up serving as some seriously potent marketing.

At the time, it was one of very few titles on the subject on Amazon.

I had put my experiences in the right context to apparently stand out.

This, I believe, put a very strong and prominent spotlight on my name, my company, and the current services I offered.

While it wasn’t quite like winning the lottery, the effect was both surprising and satisfying.

I wish others could experience what I had at that time.

Part Two:

I no longer work in that industry (Crowdfunding; here is the book, btw).

This experience, however, birthed one of the core building blocks that supports the VOLSTA Media Network’s mission:

To build a prominent platform and context for professionals to take part in leading-edge conversations and shared experiences…

…to connect those who want the world to well, turn a little faster…

…and to essentially help you experience what I did: Having the world come knocking at your door.

Part Three:

If you’re interested in creating your own book, I would encourage anyone to go for it.

It is an enjoyable exercise, and valuable in many ways.

However, a book by itself is only part of a complete picture.

And of course, it turns out writing takes a lot of work—and a lot of time.

VOLSTA is here to complete that picture—while saving all that work, time, and excess.


There is more to this story—more to how VOLSTA came to be—which includes other interesting experiences and key building blocks that I’d love to share. So, if you’d like to team up on creating an industry-leading, cutting-edge context for you or your business, taking part in helping turn the world a little faster, let me know—that is what I’m here to help you do.

About the Author:

Clint is the Founder of the VOLSTA Media Network, which he currently focuses on. He is also the creator of the mobile game and surprise-hit Lokani Addicting Space Runner; he designed and published 46 titles in the Original Yearly Notebook™ series, has authored/compiled multiple books, and produced countless other multi-media projects.