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Book Announcement: Civic Leaders - Announcing one of the coolest things in local government: the Civic Leaders book and eBook! Continue reading

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Industry Expert? Me??? by @ClintBowers of @VOLSTANetwork - When things don't turn out quite like you had planned—but ended up being better than you could have imagined. Continue reading

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Civic Leaders S1E15, Heather Johnston, President, GFOA 1920x1080 VOLSTA Full Steam Ahead - Here we speak with the dynamic, forward-thinking Heather Johnston, who is the incoming President of the Government Finance Officers Association. Continue reading
Civic Leaders S1E14, Jonathan Reichental, CIO, Palo Alto 1920x1080 VOLSTA 2/2 – Change the World - In part two of our talk with Jonathan, we continue the discussion on how he arrived in the Silicon Valley and the strides he's been making in the region. Continue reading
Civic Leaders S1E12, Alex Torpey, Mayor, South Orange 1920x1080 VOLSTA Act Now - The wise, energetic and inspiring Mayor of South Orange, New Jersey who entered office in 2011 at the ripe age of 23. Continue reading

It Takes a Village - The man, the myth, the legend—here's Rick's take on Portland's flourishing startup scene. Continue reading
Making the Trade, S1E7 - Dr. Bonnie Lynch, Psychologist on VOLSTA Success in Mind - Entering the mind of the Entrepreneur, Psychologist Dr. Bonnie Lynch helps crack the code on how to endure the journey ahead. Continue reading
006 Ray King, Top Level Design, Making the Trade VOLSTA 1920x1080 Ray’s World - Ray, with an entire life of entrepreneurial endeavors, shares his story. Continue reading

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